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MALLCO: Interest Groups



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Interest Group Chairs

Acquisitions & Collections Development

Needra Jackson (University of Missouri)

Institutional Repository

Cindy Bassett (University of Missouri)

Reference & Faculty Services

Cindy Shearrer (University of Missouri)

Resource Sharing

LeAnn Noland (Saint Louis University)

Descriptions & Discussion Lists

The second of MALLCO's three goals is to "Facilitate cooperative networking, professional development, and an ongoing exchange of ideas among members." The Interest Groups are designed to meet this goal. Interest groups meet in advance of the MAALL Annual Meeting each year and maintain discussion lists throughout the year. Interest Group membership is open to anyone who works at a MALLCO member library. Contact Susan Urban to be added to any group.

Interest Group Description Discussion List
Acquisitions & Collection Development
Institutional Repositories
Reference & Faculty Services
Resource Sharing


2016 Roundtable Notes

Acquisitions & Collection Development Roundtable


Most law libraries have not seen a substantial increase in e-book usage and they do not have plans for expanding e-book expenditures.


A recent email from Wolters Kluwer about changes to their study aid package prompted a lively discussion among participants.  However, the lack of substantive details about the package means that many law libraries will be unable to proceed with this package until clarification has been received.  The Wolters Kluwer study aid package contains many titles that are widely used by law students. Law libraries are still determining what methods to use to evaluate the impact of study aid usage on law student performance; suggestions include the use of a group survey and the collection of anecdotal responses.


Most law libraries have cancelled subscriptions to the Hein Green Slips because of a duplication with other selection tools and a decrease in acquisition’s budget spending


Electronic Resources: Discussion focused on the need for useful statistics from product vendors so that law libraries could more effectively evaluate current and new electronic resources. There was a consensus for the need for legal vendors to supply compliant statistics like vendors and publishers in the non-legal market.

Strategic Visions: There were several ideas presented as to ways that law libraries were maintaining a relevant presence in their organization's strategic vision: (1) increase marketing of faculty services; (2) change status of librarians to faculty rank; (3) create new and unique roles within the organization like supervising the archive collection of expanding the role of law librarians in the creation of faculty bibliographies and faculty publications.

Institutional Repository Roundtable

The Institutional Repository Interest Group Roundtable discussed several topics. The first item was looking at the HeinOnline Author Portal. We also discussed developments with SSRN. Corie Dugas questioned the group about the possibility of MALLCO providing another option. Other discussion included marketing and migrating our IRs, and permalinks.

Reference & Faculty Services Roundtable

Resource Sharing Roundtable

Resource sharing is more than exchanging books and articles. It is also an exchange of information and ideas. This year we discussed making the most of the MALLCO libguide by updating the libguide with expanded code and treatise information and having a page that succinctly highlights unique collections within the MALLCO libraries.  We also discussed having a page to share tips, tricks, and hacks we have discovered to make our jobs easier and more efficient.  Joining the listserv was highly encouraged to facilitate the further sharing of our ideas.

There was discussion of trends that we had seen over the last year and including the unique challenge of finding newspaper articles. We also discussed journals and law reviews and how we communicate with them and shared the workflows and we process their requests.

2015 Roundtable Notes

Acquisitions & Collection Development Roundtable

The topics for the Acquisitions & Collection Development Roundtable were: ebooks, budget, reliable access, and collection development policies. There was discussion on how to handle ebooks, duplication, cooperative acquisitions with the main library, and record sets from vendors. There seems to be a trend towards preferring ebooks over print unless print is specifically asked for. There was concern about law reviews citing to ebooks. There was discussion about statistics and the issues with getting good usage statistics. A question was raised about notifying patrons when a looseleaf was not being updated. There was discussion about collection development policies, and there seems to be a trend to going to a more narrative style. There was also discussion about budget cuts and what material is being canceled in response to smaller budgets.

Institutional Repository Roundtable

The group looked at the IR information previously gathered and added to the MALLCO website. There were no objections to the placement of the information. The group would like to use the discussion list to discuss ways of marketing our IRs.

Monica Westin from Bepress spoke on statistics, Google Analytics, and Bepress’s new selected works product. She listed four areas to enhance discoverability for search engine optimization (SEO). They are the page title and the first three words of paragraphs, full text indexing for content, URLs and linking, and a site map. When discussing Google Analytics, she listed the following: deciding what you want to collect, creating a frequency schedule, finding a place to keep the numbers, identifying people who will also want a regular update, realizing that Google doesn’t track downloads.

Reference & Faculty Services Roundtable

What is going on in your library that is working well with faculty services? Some new social justice programs have developed; providing resources for learning outcomes assessment; and librarians supporting new faculty who have more of a practice oriented emphasis.

What is going on in your library that is working well as far as reference services? LibGuides, student workers at the reference desk, new orientation methods, and tracking software to track reference transactions statistics were mentioned. There was discussion on the maintenance of LibGuides and how much time it takes to keep content current.

What is going on in your library that is working well with legal research instruction? Librarians as guest lecturers, flipped classrooms, and online instruction are all things that have worked.

Resource Sharing Roundtable

Originally this was the ILL group. MALLCO is an excellent example of being able to share our resources with each other in a time of economic downturn. The big challenge is wanting the print resources.

Libraries need to establish best practices when it comes to our law reviews. There was discussion of the state code sharing and treatise sharing agreements. There was discussion of Bluebook provision specifically related to ebooks and digital materials.Time to talk to the journal editors! Issues for the future:

  1. Update of what we have in terms of creating directories
  2. Think about the notion of shared personnel
  3. Think about the sharing of interdisciplinary LibGuides and personnel

Web and Technology Roundtable

Should the group continue on? Is web and technology still its own thing, or has it been gathered into others?

There was a discussion about Perma.CC, classroom technology, LibGuides and IT in the library.

There was also discussion about using WordPress sites for webpages and students personal technology. Some students have figured out how to use library resources in a better way but there is a possibility that some students are using resources in a not-so-legal way, so they may not be willing to share.