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Executive Director

800 N. Harvey Ave

Oklahoma City, OK 73102

405-208-5393 (office)

405-640-7464 (cell)

Board Members

Daniel Bell - University of Tulsa

Jessie Burchfield - University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Paul Callister - University of Missouri - Kansas City

Scott Childs - University of Tennessee

Erika Cohn - Saint Louis University

Joe Custer  - Case Western Reserve University

Randy Diamond - University of Missouri

Ramsey Donnell - John Marshall Law School

John Edwards - Drake University

Darin Fox - University of Oklahoma

Ken Hirsh - University of Cincinnati

Troy Johnson - Creighton University

D. R. Jones - University of Memphis

Heidi Kuehl - Northern Illinois University

Rich Leiter - University of Nebraska

Douglas Lind - Southern Illinois University

Joyce McCray Pearson - Washington University

Allen Moye - DePaul University

Elana Olson - Marquette University

Tammy Oltz - University of North Dakota

Jennifer Prilliman - Oklahoma City University

Patricia Scott - Loyola University Chicago

Bonnie Shucha - University of Wisconsin

Thomas Sneed - Washburn University

Christopher Steadham - University of Kansas

Randy Thompson - University of Arkansas

Eric Young - University of South Dakota

Upcoming Board Meetings


Friday, June 15, 2018, 2:00pm-3:00pm (CDT)

Presenter: Robert Dugan, ALLStAR Project Manager, NELLCO

Robert Dugan will be our presenter for the MALLCO board call on June 15. He will be discussing using ALLStAR reports for benchmarking by showing best practices of the ALLStAR reporting functionality. This process can help identify libraries doing something that your library wants to do. Real-life, hands-on examples will be shown.

Dugan will also discuss the creation of the new "ALLStAR Official Collection" which will incorporate the best of ABA, ARL, ACRL and US News performance indicators into one survey. The Official Collection will also establish reporting definitions and instructions to ensure consistency in survey results. 

Attend remotely:
Optional dial in number: 405-251-2505
No PIN needed


Sunday, July 15, 2018, 5:15-6:45pm (EDT)

Attend in person: Key 1 Ballroom, 2nd Floor, Hilton Baltimore 

Attend remotely:
Optional dial in number: 405-251-2505
No PIN needed