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Treatise Sharing: Treatise List by Title

Treatise List by Title

ABA/BNA Lawyer's Manual of Professional Conduct Bloomberg BNA Saint Louis
Aboriginal & Treaty Rights Practice (Macaulay) West Tulsa
Acquisitions & Mergers Negotiated and Contested Transactions with Forms on CD Lorne) West Saint Louis
Age Discrimination 2d (Eglit) West South Dakota
Agricultural Law (Harl) Matthew Bender Northern Illinois
American Land Planning Law (Williams) West Saint Louis
American Law of Products Liability 3d (R. David ed.) West DePaul
American Law of Torts (Speiser) West Arkansas Little Rock
Americans with Disabilities Act Handbook (4th ed. Perritt) Wolters Kluwer Drake
Anderson on the Uniform Commercial Code 3d West DePaul
Antitrust: An Analysis of Antitrust Principles and their Application (5th ed. Hovenkamp & Areeda) Wolters Kluwer Drake
Bender's Forms of Discovery MatthewBender Missouri
Blue Sky Law Reporter CCH Missouri Kansas City
Blumberg on Corporate Groups (2nd ed. Blumberg) Wolters Kluwer Creighton
Brady on Bank Checks (8th ed. Bailey) Lexis Arkansas Little Rock
Bromberg & Lowenfels on Securities Fraud and Commodities Fraud 2d 7v. West Missouri
Bromberg & Ribstein on Partnership Wolters Kluwer Kansas
Business Organizations with Tax Planning (Cavitch) MatthewBender DePaul
Child Custody & Visitation Law & Practice (McCahey) MatthewBender Loyola
Civil Rights Actions (Cook) MatthewBender Marquette
Collier Bankruptcy Practice Guide (Herzog & King) MatthewBender Drake
Collier on Bankruptcy (16th ed.) MatthewBender Missouri Kansas City
Comparative Environmental Law and Regulation (Robinson) West Saint Louis
Computer Software Protection/Liability/Law/Forms (Kutten) West Drake
Constitutional Rights of the Accused (Cook) West Tennessee
Consumer Credit Compliance Manual 2d (Fonseca) West Drake
Corbin on Contracts (rev. ed. Corbin) Lexis Indiana Tech
Corporate Criminal Liability 2d (Brickey) West Saint Louis
Crimes of Violence: Homicide/Rape (Bailey) West Cincinnati
Criminal Law Advocacy MatthewBender Saint Louis
Criminal Trial Techniques (Bailey) West South Dakota
Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis (Rabkin) MatthewBender Case Western
Cyclopedia of the Law of Private Corp (Fletcher) West Nebraska
Damages in Tort Actions (Minzer) MatthewBender Arkansas 
Delaware Law of Corporations & Business Organizations (Balotti) Wolters Kluwer Oklahoma
Education Law (Rapp) MatthewBender Nebraska
Elder Law Forms Manual (Margolis) Wolters Kluwer Creighton
Elder Law Portfolio Series (Margolis) Wolters Kluwer Arkansas Little Rock
Employment Discrimination (Larson) MatthewBender Cincinnati
Employment Discrimination Law 3d (Modjeska) West Tennessee
Employment Discrimination Law and Litigation (Rossein) 3v. West Kansas
Energy Law and Transactions MatthewBender Oklahoma
Environmental Law: Air and Water (Rodgers) West Drake
Environmental Regulation of Land Use (Malone) West Marquette
Evidence in Trials at Common Law (4th ed. Wigmore) Wolters Kluwer Loyola
Family Law & Practice (Rutkin) MatthewBender Loyola
Family Law Reporter Bloomberg BNA Missouri Kansas City
Federal Antitrust Law (Kintner) Lexis Cincinnati
Federal Civil Rights Acts 3d (Smolla) 2011- West South Dakota
Federal Estate & Gift Tax Reporter CCH Missouri Kansas City
Federal Evidence 3d (Mueller) West Marquette
Federal Habeas Corpus Practice and Procedure (Hertz) MatthewBender Northern Illinois
Federal Income, Gift & Estate Taxation (Rabkin) MatthewBender Cincinnati
Federal Jury Practice and Instructions 6th (O'Malley) West Missouri
Federal Practice and Procedure 2d (Wright) - Criminal West Oklahoma
Federal Practice and Procedure 3d (Wright) - Civil West Oklahoma
Federal Practice and Procedure 4d (Wright) - Evidence West Oklahoma
Federal Securities Law Reporter CCH Arkansas Little Rock
Federal Tax Coordinator 2d RIA Nebraska
Federal Tax Practice (Casey) West Kansas
Federal Taxation of Corporations & Shareholders (7th ed. Bittker) RIA Creighton
Federal Taxation of Income, Estates & Gifts (3rd ed. Bittker) WG&L Creighton
Food and Drug Administration 3d (O'Reilly) West Drake
Goldstein on Copyright (3rd ed.) Wolters Kluwer Case Western
Handling Drunk Driving Cases 2d (Fiandach) West Arkansas Little Rock
Harper, James & Gray on Trots (3rd ed.) Wolters Kluwer Oklahoma City
Hawkland's Uniform Commercial Code Series Weset Oklahoma City
Health Care and Antitrust Law (Miles) West South Dakota
Immigration Law & Procedure (Gordon) MatthewBender Cincinnati
Immigration Law and Crimes (Baldini/Kesselbrenner) West Cincinanti
Immigration Law and Defense West Arkansas
Immigration Procedures Handbook (Fragomen) West Oklahoma City
Individuals with Disabilities Education Law Report LRP Publications Marquette
Intellectual Property and Antitrust Law (Holmes) West Drake
Internal Revenue manual - Audit & Administartion CCH Case Western
Intoxication Test Evidence 2d (Fitzgerald) West South Dakota
IRS Practice & Procedure (3rd ed. Saltzman) RIA Creighton
Jones on Evidence: Civil & Criminal 7th (Fishman) West Missouri
Kurzban's Immigration Law Sourcebook AILA Tulsa
Labor & Employment Arbitration (Bornstein) MatthewBender Saint Louis
Lane Medical Litigation Guide West Arkansas
Law of Defamation 2d (Smolla) West Drake
Law of Electronic Surveillance (Carr) West Marquette
Law of Environmental Protection (Novick) West Nebraska
Law of Lawyering (Hazard) Wolters Kluwer Oklahoma City
Law of Professional and Amateur Sports (Uberstine) West Tulsa
Law of Real Property (Tiffany) West Tennessee
Law of Trusts & Trustees 3d (Bogert) West Oklahoma City
Law of Water Rights and Resources (Tarlock) West Kansas
Law of Wetlands Regulation (Want) West Cincinnati
Law of Worker's Compensation (Larson) MatthewBender Marquette
Lindey on Entertainment Publishing and the Arts 3d West Arkansas
Manual of Federal Practice (Givins) Lexis DePaul
McCarthy on Trademarks and Unfair Competition 4th West Cincinnati
McQuillin Municipal Corporations 3d West Marquette
Medicare & Medicaid Guide CCH Creighton
Mergers, Acquisitions and Buyouts (2nd ed. Ginsburg) Wolters Kluwer Kansas
Michie on Banks & Banking Lexis Arkansas
Milgrim on Trade Secrets MatthewBender Case Western
Modern Federal Jury Instructions (Sand) MatthewBender DePaul
Moore's Federal Practice (3rd ed.) MatthewBender Case Western
Moore's Manual - Federal Practice & Procedure MatthewBender Nebraska
Municipal Legal Forms (Moore) West Tennessee
Municipal Ordinances (Matthews) West Tennessee
New Appleman Insurance Law Practice Guide Lexis Northern Illinois
New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition (2nd ed. Appleman) Lexis Loyola
New Wigmore (Leonard) Wolters Kluwer Missouri
Newberg  on Class Actions 5th (Rubenstein) West Arkansas Little Rock
Nimmer on Copyright MatthewBender Indiana Tech
O'Neal and Thompson Oppression of Minority Shareholders and LLC Members 2d West MIssouri
O'Neal and Thompson's Close Corporations and LLCs 3d 2v. West Missouri
Orfield's Criminal Procedure Under the Federal Rules 2d West Saint Louis
Partnership Taxation (Willis) WG&L Kansas
Patents (Chisum) MatthewBender Case Western
Patry on Copyright West Oklahoma
Pattern Deposition Checklists 4th (Danner) West Drake
Personal Injury Valuation Handbooks LRP Publications Marquette
Police Civil Liability (Silper) MatthewBender Saint Louis
Powell on Real Property MatthewBender Loyola
Prosecution & Defense of Sex Crimes (Morosco) MatthewBender Nebraska
Rathkopt's the Law of Zoning and Planning West Oklahoma
Recovery for Wrongful Death and Injury Economic Handbook 4th (Speiser) West Missouri
Representation of Witnesses before Federal Grand Juries 4th (Kleiman) West Arkansas
Revocable Trusts 5th (Turner) West Arkansas Little Rock
Ribstein & Teatinge on Limited Liability Companies 2d 2010- West Oklahoma City
Scott and Ascher on Trusts Wolters Kluwer Drake
Section 1983 Litigation: Claims, Defenses, and Fees (Schwartz) Wolters Kluwer Memphis
Secured Transactions Under the UCC (McDonnell) MatthewBender Missouri
Securities Regulation (Loss) MatthewBender Tulsa
Sex Based Employment Discrimination (Omilian) West South Dakota
Smolla & Nimmer on Freedom of Speech West Arkansas Little Rock
Standard Federal Tax Reporter CCH Memphis
State Tax Guide CCH Creighton
Sutherland Statutes and Statutory Construction (Singer) 8v. West Arkansas Little Rock
Tax Management Portfolios: US, Estates/Gifts/Trusts, Foreign Income Bloomberg BNA Memphis
Tax Planning for Partners, Partnerships & LLCs (Friedland) MatthewBender Cincinnati
Thompson on Real Property (2nd ed.) Lexis Northern Illinois
Toxic Torts and Practice Guide 2d (O'Reilly) West Cincinnati
Trade Regulation Reporter Wolters Kluwer Loyola
Trade Secrets Law (Jager) West Arkansas
Treatise on Environmental Law (Grad) MatthewBender Arkansas
Treatise on Health Care Law MatthewBender Loyola
U.S. Law Week Bloomberg BNA Missouri Kansas City
U.S. Tax Reporter: Estate & Gift RIA Nebraska
Water & Water Rights (3rd ed. Beck) Lexis Kansas
Weinstein's Federal Evidence MatthewBender Northern Illinois
Wharton's Criminal Evidence 15th (Bergman) West Kansas
Wharton's Criminal Law 15th (Torcia) West Drake
Willison on Contracts 4th West Kansas