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New LibGuides Sharing Program

Mid-America Law Library Consortium is launching a new LibGuides Sharing Program.The goal of this project is to cut down on the amount of time MALLCO libraries spend creating research guides while still allowing them to offer a variety of quality content to their patrons.

How does it work?

Step 1: Submit

Librarians and library staff will select their best LibGuides and submit them to MALLCO using an online form. Links to the guides will then be placed in a repository on MALLCO’s website.

Step 2: Use

Libraries can then pick from the guides that have been shared and use them on their own websites. These guides can be edited and customized to fit the secondary library’s collection.

Step 3: Voilà

More guides for more libraries!

How do we know the guides are great?

Librarians and staff who submit the guides will agree to update the content on an annual basis to ensure that it is current. They will also agree to remove any content of questionable copyright or include a note for those looking to use the guide.

Libraries using the guide will agree to credit the original content creator.

What kinds of guides are we looking for?

A variety. MALLCO would like to receive guides on core legal topics, state-specific research guides, and specialized guides. In short, if a guide might be useful to another library, submit it.


Ask one of the committee members:

Paul Callister,

Erika Cohn,

Corie Dugas,

Allen Moye,

Get started today by submitting a guide!

LMN Joint Statement on Collaboration




At the July Board Meeting, the following statement on collaboration was approved:

LIPA, MALLCO and NELLCO, having acknowledged a shared goal of expanding and supporting collaboration among law libraries, are committed to working together in furtherance of that goal. The leadership of all three organizations will encourage and support cross-organization collaboration where such effort is mission-consistent, efficient and efficacious. 

These efforts may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Regular communication among the organiziations' Executive Directors
  • Regular meetings of the Collaboration Steering Committee, in person at the Annaul Meeting of AALL, AALS or elsewhere, as well as by telephone
  • Shared Projects and Services
  • Joint Advocacy
  • Sharing Expertise
  • Joint continuing education and professional development opportunities