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LibGuide Sharing: Submitting a Guide

Before You Share

Before you share your LibGuides with MALLCO, please run through the following steps:

  1. Check your guide to make sure the content is current.
  2. Be sure that there is no content with questionable copyright.
  3. Make any edits necessary.
  4. Be sure that your sharing settings are open. To check this, sign into your guide, go to Settings, choose Access Restrictions, then select Sharing Restrictions, and click the Community box.
  5. Complete the form below or use the direct link to complete the form.

MALLCO LibGuides Sharing Submission Form

After You Share

Your shared LibGuide should appear on the MALLCO LibGuide Sharing website within five business days of submission. If your guide has not appeared in this timeframe, please email Susan Urban

Each summer you will receive an email notification to review your guide to make sure the content is current and the links are active. You will be prompted to respond when the guide has been reviewed.

If you make the decision not to update the content or to remove the guide, please email Susan Urban.