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LibGuide Sharing: Using a Guide

Steps for Using a LibGuide

Step 1: Finding a Guide

  • Browse the complete list of guides that have been submitted to MALLCO for sharing
  • Or choose to look at the guides by topic to find a guide you would like to use
  • Select a guide to reuse and note the title of the guide

Step 2: Adding the Guide to Your Website

  • Log in to your LibApps account
  • Choose the Content dropdown at the top of the window and select Guides
  • Select the Create Guide button
  • Pick the second option: Copy content/layout from an existing guide
  • Be sure to select Community Guides and use the search bar to search for the title of guide you want to use
  • Highlight that guide in the list and and select Create Guide at the bottom of the window
  • Note: The system will automatically generate an email to the creator, letting him/her know the guide is being used. You do not need to seek permission from the creator to use guides that are posted on the MALLCO LibGuide Sharing site.

Step 3: Editing and Attributing the Content

  • Once you have created a copy of the original guide, you can edit any of the content on the guide. Your edits will not change the information on the original guide.
  • The branding of the new guide will automatically adjust to reflect your library's logo and layout
  • Attribute the guide to the original author by entering "Content used and modified with permission from Jane Smith at Sample Library" in the guide's description (Modify this sentence to reflect author and home library)
  • Publish the guide when complete